Tuesday, May 16, 2006

In Case Someone Cares

11:27 p.m. / 23:27

Well, I care, but I already know what I'm about to explain. I have some doubts as to how much anyone who reads my blog (does anyone read my blog?) cares about what I'm going to explain, though. The link under "Stuff" that says The Julie / Julia Project is the blog Julie Powell wrote on during the project that resulted in the way awesome book I told you all to go read. The link under "Authors" that says Julie Powell is her current blog.

Also, the website for the Polyphonic Spree is actually much less cool than it was when I first posted the link, but I'll probably leave the link on here anyway, at least for awhile.

I check your blog obsessively, at least once per day. Pathetic? Probably. But I read every entry :)
Thank you.
i read your blog, most days. you know, about as often as i check my email.
Thank you too.
I read your blog about once a week or so.
Thank You Also.
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