Friday, April 07, 2006

Rodent Reading

11:45 p.m. / 23:45

I have recently read a series of kids' books about a hamster named Freddy. They are I, Freddy, Freddy In Peril & Freddy To the Rescue; all by Dietlof Reiche (translated from German by John Brownjohn, illustrated by Joe Cepeda). These are fairly charming, easy reads. I have had two different pet hamsters myself, and for the most part, I find the basic information given about hamsters to be pretty accurate. Yet, I must say, these books also require a hefty dose of Willing Suspension of Disbelief. In addition to Freddy, these books also feature a cat named Sir William and two guinea pigs named Enrico and Caruso, plus a few supporting humans, including their master, Mr. John and a little girl named Sophie. I don't really recommend that adults read all three books in a row. All of the characters are relatively flat, and this lack of any real change can get tiring after awhile. The third book should have been really engrossing because it had some environmental stuff in it, but mostly I kept thinking I needed a break from Freddy. I am sure, though, that if a fourth book is written in this series, I will find it and read it.


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