Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Rules (And Breaking Them)

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Rule #1: I may not purchase a book by an author that is new to me. I must read a book by that author from the library first.

Rule #2: I may not purchase a book by an author if I already own at least one book by that same author that I have not read yet.

I made these rules for myself sometime around the holidays, and have been attempting to stick to them ever since. I have succeded on many occasions, and for that I consider them a near success.

However, I have also broken them more than once. For example, with my Christmas gift cards, I decided to purchase a Terry Pratchett book. There were so many to choose from! I couldn't get just one of them. Thus, Rule #2 was broken when I bought three of them. Just last night I broke Rule #1. I had had a somewhat unpleasant day, and found myself in a bookstore attempting to console myself by buying books. I bought a book by Marian Keyes, and another by Jane Austen.


You've been a postin' fool lately! Hooray!
does it really count as breaking #2 to buy in bulk? i mean, you don't ALREADY have a book you haven't read, right?
I agree with Laurie. And Pratchett's so easy to read, you've definately finished them by now! You're not like me. ;)
Rabidmonkey makes an interesting point, yes, but the purpose of the both rules are to keep my book-buying under control, so I consider buying in bulk to still be breaking the rule.

I have actually not read any of the Terry Pratchet books I bought, except for the fourth one not mentioned before, which I read previous to buying it. See, I own too many books that I have not read.
by the by, which ones did you get?
Guards! Guards!
Reaper Man
Wyrd Sisters

And the one I read previously,Equal Rites.
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