Friday, January 06, 2006

Yipes! What an Eye-Catching Title!

10:30 p.m. / 22:30

If you're a U2 fan the words "killing Bono" will make you stop and look. That is precisely what happened when I saw a book titled Killing Bono. Killing Bono? Killing Bono? I had to know immediately what it was all about. It turned out, it's about the author, Neil McCormick. He went to high school with the members of U2, and began his musical career at about the same time. There's a rather notable difference between the two, though. Neil McCormick did not become a famous rock star. However, it is a whole lot of fun to read about how hard he tried to become a famous rock star. Also, as a friend of the band, he provides a very interesting perspective of U2, especially in their early days. Overall, it is an excellent book-- you should read it!


I have to agree--it's a great book! His style is really easy to read, and he's funny. Bono is only a minor character in the book, but by the time you realize that, it doesn't matter because you're totally interested in the arc of the story. :)
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