Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Does My Toothbrush Need Its Own Computer?

11:50 p.m. / 23:50

The electric toothbrush has existed for quite some time now, so I guess toothbrush engineers decided something really new was needed. So, now there is a new toothbrush with an "onboard computer". Maybe you too have seen the commercial (perhaps late at night during a Night Court re-run) that heralds a new brushing-era and attempts to make my own toothbrush look archaic.

So I'm wondering... since I never would have guessed someone would put a computer in a toothbrush, what rather mundane product will next become available in a computerized version? After some thought, pasta came to mind. Maybe I was just hungry; I don't know. But just imagine it! Your pasta will be equipped with tiny, edible computers that will alert you when the pasta is cooked to "
al dente"! Never again will pasta be over- or under-cooked! Hurray for tiny computers!

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