Monday, March 14, 2005

Spring Break Reading

1:35 a.m. / 01:35

So, my very last spring break is coming to a close. (That's right, I'm finally graduating from college.) It was really boring. Aside from going to work, and visiting with friends as usual, I mostly slept and read.

I read some of The Girls in the Van by Beth J. Harpaz. It's about the press corps following Hillary Clinton around New York state during her Senate campaign. It's nonfiction & I'm reading it for a class, but it's good reading.

I also started The Monk Downstairs by Tim Farrington, which is fiction. I think it may turn out to be a good book, but I ended up putting it aside for the moment. For now at least, the main characters aren't very happy people. I needed something light and happy this week.

So, I checked out Boy Meets Girl, (totally fiction) by Meg Cabot, from the library. Meg Cabot writes some of the only romance I have truly enjoyed. About a year and a half ago I read & enjoyed her book The Boy Next Door. These two, along with a new one I have not yet read, called Every Boy's Got One, are a loosely-tied series. All three books are written mostly in e-mail messages and other written communication. Who knows; maybe one of the characters in the newest book has a blog!


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