Sunday, October 29, 2006

I Wouldn't Want To Mislead You

1:39 a.m. / 01:39

I thought the last two posts might have led you to think my TV binge has come to an end and that I am obsessing over books full-time again. On the one hand, I did actually pick up a novel and read some of it today. On the other hand, I've started in on two more TV show seasons. I'm now watching Grey's Anatomy, season one, and Boston Legal, also season one.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

More Books!

2:20 p.m. / 14:20

One of the great things about working at a library is that interesting books pass through my hands on a daily basis and there's rarely anything to stop me from taking them home for a bit. It doesn't cost me anything, so I don't have to feel guilty if I only read one section, or nothing at all in the end. Here's a list of some non-fiction books I've been reading bits and pieces of over the past month or so.

And God Said What?: An Introduction to Biblical Literary Forms by Margaret Nutting Ralph

ReadyMade: How to Make (Almost) Everything by Shoshana Berger and Grace Hawthorne

The Experts' Guide to 100 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do created by Samantha Ettus

The Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People With Too Many Passions to Pick Just One by Margaret Lobenstine

Front Cover: Great Book Jacket and Cover Design by Alan Powers

U2 by U2 (just what it sounds like; a book about the band, written by the band, with some help from Neil McCormick)

The Mayo Clinic Plan: 10 Essential Steps to a Better Body & Healthier Life

Jim Henson: The Works: The Art, the Music, the Imagination by Christopher Finch


Friday, October 27, 2006

The Amazing Ayelet Waldman, Plus Joshua Braff And Others

10:00 p.m. / 22:oo

One of my bosses recommended Daughter's Keeper by Ayelet Waldman. I read it and loved it very much, and now that I have also read Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, I know that Ayelet Waldman is among my favorite authors. Both of these books are amazing. The characters became very important to me; their lives seemed particularly real. While I was reading Daughter's Keeper, I tried to describe it to my mom one evening. She misunderstood something about one of the characters, and her negative reaction angered me almost on a personal level, because I was so involved with the character at that point. These two books are definitely worth your time and attention.

The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green by Joshua Braff is both depressing and maddening as hell, but also pretty funny at times. I have to confess, though, what made me finally pick up a copy and read it was a recommendation from the author's younger brother, the fairly famous Zach Braff, in some magazine.

Two other books I have read since last sharing are I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith and Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot


Thursday, October 19, 2006

I Disgust Myself

11:48 p.m. / 23:48

I'm on a MAJOR television (on DVD) binge right now, involving season one of ER, season two of House M.D. and season two of NUMB3RS. Disgusting.

Oh, I suppose there are worse ways to spend my time, but I need to get back to some of my other interests. Like blogging, for example. I haven't been reading very much either. And I'm starting to miss talking to friends online. I haven't done all that much of that lately either. The computer and television are in two different rooms.

Well, gotta go. I just HAVE to watch the next episode of House!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This Isn't Right

6:00 p.m. / 18:00

It really angers me that I have to drive to restaurants in walking distance of my workplace, just because the roads in the area are too big and too busy for walking. Well, I've seen people out there walking; people who don't have cars or can't drive. It looks miserable, though. I know they probably have to wait as long or longer than those of us in cars to cross the streets. So, I don't really think it's practical for me to walk anywhere on my lunch hour, except sometimes to the grocery store two lots down the street. I should be able to, though. Do you know how long I sit at lights, spewing pollution during these outings? Way too long. Sometimes I almost feel guilty for eating out because of it.

This Blog Is Not Abandoned

12:25 p.m. / 12:25

Dear Readers... all five or six of you... this blog has not been abandoned, only neglected. I am sorry. Kind of. Hopefully I will be posting more soon.

In other unexciting news, a co-worker compared me to a tree today, because I am wearing a green sweater and brown pants.

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